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How can I secure my online presence?

The web can be a dangerous place, thieves are always looking for an opportunity to steal your identity or extract data from your website. You can look out for both yourself and your customers by using SSL Certificates and WHOIS Protection. LunaHost has taken steps to help keep hackers out of our servers and away from your data. As a domain owner you can take extra steps with WHOIS ID Protect and a wide range of SSL certificates to protect you site's visitors data.

What is WHOIS ID Protect?

ID Protect privacy protection service keeps domain owners' contact info out of the public WHOIS database. ID Protect is a very affordable way to keep your name and address hidden.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are the best way to protect your site's customers against identity theft. LunaHost has a wide range of SSL certificates available to cater for small sites, e-commerce and enterprise.

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